St. Albans Episcopal Church

    Wickenburg, Az

​On Palm Sunday I requested that you remember this Footwashing/Foot Care Ministry in your prayers. On Maundy Thursday 35 - 40 volunteers, by the end of the day,  provided foot care to more than 180 Guests at St. Vincent De Paul in Phoenix.  The Guests were homeless individuals.  In addition to foot care, each received a bag that contained new socks, water, food and foot care instruments.  This ministry was originated barely two months ago in the hearts of just a handful of faithful Deacons.  This is a testament to what good can come from dedication and prayer.  Please join me in remembering the Guests in prayer as they remain on the streets. I hope you enjoy watching the video below!

​PS: The gloves you see being worn in the video were graciously donated by our very own Wickenburg Community Hospital!