St. Albans Episcopal Church

    Wickenburg, Az

You may have noticed that things were a bit “fishy” in the Parish Hall during the month of August.  My “challenge” to you was to collect 100 cans of Tuna or other canned meat in August.  Not only did you meet this challenge, you exceeded it 2 ½ FOLD.  Yes, you donated 249 cans of Tuna and another 12 or so cans of other meat products.  I am amazed by your generosity!  Earlier this week, I met Charlie Peterson, Director at the Wickenburg Community Action/Community Action Partnership program to deliver the 200+ cans of Tuna and other canned meats.  Charlie was overwhelmed by YOUR generosity!  However, he was not “surprised.”  When I told him that I had “a lot” of Tuna, he asked “why does that not surprise me?”  What a testimony to your generosity! 

Our project for September is to create 50 “Meal Kits”. Each “kit” will include the ingredients for a complete meal; Tuna Casserole (Tuna, Pasta, Cream Soup), along with a vegetable (green beans) and fruit.  These kits will be accompanied by a recipe to complete the meal, along with a prayer and message from St. Alban’s. 

Charlie Peterson was very impressed by the labels that we attach to the food items that we donate to the CAP Food Bank.  He said “It is important to let people know that this doesn’t just appear out of now where.”  No, it takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to bring the Church to the World as we minister to those who are hungry.  Remember, we are doing our part to bring those in our community to the loving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Deacon Deb at St. Luke's!

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