St. Albans Episcopal Church

    Wickenburg, Az

 Deacon’s Corner

My heart is overflowing this morning! Sunday (10/29) was a glorious day at St. Alban’s. You raised $225.00 at CAP Café. What a blessing! This money will go to the Community Action Program to help support the Food Bank. Although the Food Bank receives many non-perishable food donations, they need cash donations to help supplement.

After CAP Café, a committed group of volunteers stayed to help get the "Comfort Bags" for the homeless ready for distribution. Because of the generosity of those who brought bags, we were able to redistribute donations and ended up with 25 big bags of non-perishable, ready-to-eat food along with disposable cutlery, paper napkins and hygiene items. Every bag got at least a tooth brush and tooth paste. The final addition was a handful of hard candy and a note letting the recipient know the St. Alban’s provided this gift. Thank you to EVERYONE who donated bags and thanks to those who stayed late to help. It is not too late to add items to the bags! If you would like to take part in this ministry, please let me know. We hope to distribute some of the bags directly to homeless individuals and will send the remaining bags to the CAP office for distribution there. Please contact me if you would like to help distribute or if you have items that you would like to add to the bags. 928-231-1762

I also felt very blessed to be able to preach recently. The subject of "loving my neighbor" is at the heart of what a Deacon is called to do. In the past I have talked about ministering to those who are "on the margin". At this time of year we are inundated with requests for "donations". Many of these programs are to benefit people in other countries, many benefit those in need throughout our nation, and still others benefit our closest neighbors. There is a lot of need in Wickenburg and the surrounding areas and it blesses me so much that you are all so generous when I come to you with an idea that will benefit those on the "margin." Thank you!!

Thank you all for your generosity, your help, your support, your encouragement, and for being who you are!

Debra Loderout how we together can “bring the church to” THEIR world. 

  • Rev Debra Loder's Sermon 17082712:25