Wickenburg, AZ

St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Deacon's Challenges

CAP Café
Once a month Deacon Deb and her husband, Dave prepare the main dish for lunch after church. Members provide the side dishes. Then, after church, we all enjoy lunch together. Donations are accepted but not required. ALL of the donations collected are sent to the Community Action Partnership to be used to provide needed items for their Food Bank. Our donations have been significant and appreciated.

Thank you, St. Alban’s for the very generous response to the National Nutrition Month food drive that benefitted food insecure children.  Mary Raver, Kay Judy Stephens, and Robert Brumder helped me deliver 4 very large boxes of food to Hassayampa Elementary School Counselor Diane Keith-Prohl and a group of enthusiastic fifth graders.  We also delivered boxes of food that were collected at Wickenburg Community Hospital’s food drive!  This was certainly a collaborative effort on everyone’s part. 

With the end of the school year in sight, we know that the demand for food boxes from our local Community Action Partnership Food Bank will be great.  We can help to support this important ministry by donating non-perishable foods.  Because non-perishable protein foods tend to be costly, I would like to focus on collecting them until the end of May.  These foods include canned tuna, canned chicken, canned beef, Spam, Vienna Sausage, Peanut Butter, and canned Beans.  Please bring your donations to the Parish Hall and place them in the new baskets and bins on the Transforming Generosity tables. 

Thank you for your continued generosity.  You are amazing!


Deacon Debra