St. Albans Episcopal Church

    Wickenburg, Az

Dear St. Alban’s,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are amazing! Your response to ministry during the last few months has been incredible. We are making an impact on the lives of many of our neighbors.

On Sunday Dave and I were able to purchase 40 cases of bottled water for the CAP office because of your generosity! The Community Action Partnership (CAP) office is the “Hydration Station” for Wickenburg and will provide bottled water to homeless and other “at risk” individuals. Dave and Anthony unloaded the water and added it to the 16 cases that had already been brought to the Parish Hall. Fifty six cases in total!!!! What a blessing! Charlie

Peterson at the CAP office said “WOW”. I agree with him, WOW!! (P.S., we beat the hospital!! They collected a total of 44 cases.)

Sunday many of you signed cards to go with the “Prayer Bears” that will be delivered to the Police and Fire Departments in Wickenburg to be given to frightened children that they may come in contact with during the course of their work. Thank you to Judy Stephens for knitting and donating these adorable, soft bears. Judy will keep knitting as long as there is need.

Would you like to be more involved in this ministry? See Judy to find out how you can help her with yarn and other supplies.

Next Sunday during Coffee Hour we will assemble “Joy Bags” for people who are homebound and need a little “joy” in their lives. These bags will be given to the CAP office to be delivered to individuals who receive home delivered meals. It’s not too late to donate items like soap,

lotion, gum, mints, and any other little item that will bring joy to someone who can’t get out and about.

Sunday after worship service, a young couple came to the Parish Hall seeking help. Without going into detail, this couple needs our prayers. They are homeless and are trying to figure out how to overcome their many life difficulties. We were able to provide lunch and two of our “Homeless Comfort” bags. Your generosity at work! Please pray for this couple.

Please also continue to pray for our Parish Prayer List; Sam Stephens, Mary Hollenbeck, Marilyn Spencer, Jody Anderson, Judy Talent, Forrest Waggoner, and Paul Ernst.

Thank you all for everything you do to help “bring the church to the world.” Blessings