St. Albans Episcopal Church

    Wickenburg, Az

Wickenburg Parish

This parish was founded in 1957 when seven people began to gather regularly for worship here in Wickenburg. In 1959, through the generosity and vision of Charles "Squire" Maguire and his wife Sylvia, the church was built and the land was given to the Diocese of Arizona. It is believed St. Alban was the patron saint of the Maguire's parish in their native Iowa. The parish became a self-supporting congregation in the same year and was granted official parish status. The Rev. Harold Beach Adams served as St. Alban's first priest from 1959 through 1960.

St Alban the Martyr

The Christian hero whom the parish claims as its patron saint is Alban of Britain. He is the first identified church martyr in the British Isles. Tradition holds that Alban was a young Roman soldier, recruited from the native Britons and stationed in a city northeast of London. The city was later renamed "Alban" in honor of his martyrdom, and the Cathedral of St Alban stands today on the site of his sacrificial death. He gave shelter to a Christian priest who was fleeing persecution, and was converted by the priest. When Roman officerscame to arrest the priest, Alban exchanged clothing with the priest and allowed himself to be tortured and executed. (traditionally dated 304 a.d.)

Our Spiritual Leaders, the Reverends:

Dean McMann                 1960 - 1962               Dan Gerrard          1962 - 1965           William White          1966 - 1969

Augustus Tuttle Jr.          1969 - 1973               William Forrest       1973 - 1978          Donald Chilton         1978 - 1981

Richard W. Meyers          1981 - 1985              Burt Metcalf            1985 - 1987          Glenn B. Jenks        1987 - 1988   (Supply)

M.A. Cohn                        1987 - 1988              Dan Gerrard           1988 - 1996          Jack Smart              1996 - 2000

Charles Chatham             2000 - 2005              David Thom            2005 - 2008          Pamela Mulac         2008 - 2016  

​Ron Keel                                     2016